X Ray Technician Salary Information – How Much Money Does an X Ray Tech Make?

X Ray Technician

X-Ray Technician Salary Information – How Much Money Does an X-Ray Tech Make? – X-Ray technicians commonly referred to as X-Ray technologists make the use of the high-quality imaging methods to get an image of the interior of a human body. Their pictures produced by these technicians of the body assists the doctors in diagnosing and treatment of an injury or illness in a precisely accurate way. They utilize some of the advanced and superior technical machinery to carry out their operations.

The X-Ray Technician first studies the medical history of the patient based on his previous reports and answers to any queries of the patient. After studying the reports or the prescription of the doctors the technician carries out his duties and positions the patient on the equipment, shielding against the ionizing radiation. The technician carries out his duty as per the instructions of the physician. At many places, X-Ray technicians are required to work closely with the radiologist to analyze and discuss an issue and the next step to be undertaken. (Check out: Radiologist Salary Information)

X Ray Technician
X-Ray Technician

The imaging technologies used by X-Ray technicians are stated as follows:

  • X-ray machines
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Computerized axial tomography (CT)
  • Film and digital mammography
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Some X-Ray technicians look into any general X-Ray requirement while some hold an expertise in a specific type of a clinical area or a machine like for example there is a separate technician for complicated scanning like breast imaging. Technicians are always required to be updated with the advancement in technology related to their specific field. Along with operating imaging equipment, it is the responsibility of X-Ray technicians to look into the basic maintenance of machines. They store the records of each carried out procedure.

How to become an X-Ray Technician

The steps to becoming an X-Ray Technician are as follows:

  • Earn an Associate Degree: A basic associate degree which can be completed in 2 years is the first step to becoming an X-Ray Technician. This degree teaches the basic to advanced level curriculum required for the duties of X-Ray technician job. Clinical experience is a part of this degree program which gives students an insight into the workplace.
  • Obtain a License: A valid License is mandatory to practice in most states of America. States have their own exam for providing the certificate to practice.
  • Certification: X-Ray technicians are required to appear for the certification exam in order to stay certified. The certification to practice is valid for 2 years after which a training program is to be undertaken for renewing it.
  • Apply for a Job: After completion of the procedures of licensing and certification, candidates can start applying for the preferred job.

X-Ray Technician Salary – How much do X-Ray Tech Make?

The average X-Ray Technician salary is around $57,450. It is a much higher salary than the average pay of all the health technology professions. The middle eighty percent of X-Ray technicians make around $38,660 and $82,590 on a yearly basis. Earnings vary across the various geographic locations and are generally highest where the cost of living is high or there is a shortage for the healthcare professionals.

X-Ray Technician Salary Information (Location wise)

Below is a table depicting the X-Ray technician salaries across 10 states of America:

California $76,060
New York $67,400
Montana $51,400
Texas $55,680
Washington $65,800
Pennsylvania $56,880
Utah $53,000
North Dakota $49,100
Arizona $60,900
North Carolina $54,500

The above table shows the contrasting salaries X-Ray technicians across numerous geographical locations in the USA. California, New York and Washington have the highest salaries while North Dakota, North Carolina and Utah have the least average X-Ray technician salaries. The salaries usually increase with an increase in experience but in states where the demand is high, the salaries of professionals are high to a great extent.

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