Radiation Oncologist Salary Information – How Much Money Does A Radiation Oncologist Make?

Radiation Oncologist

Radiation Oncologist Salary Information- How much money does a Radiation Oncologist make? Who is a Radiation Oncologist? – Radiation oncologists require working closely with cancer patients to determine the most suitable and feasible treatment methods for their patients on the path to a speedy recovery. Oncologists generally work on a one-on-one basis with their patients ensuring the positive outcome of the treatments keeping multiple other options as a backup in case of the failure of the first method of treatment. Also, they work with a team of doctors and nurses in order to deliver the best care treatment for patients for over a period of time. Radiation oncologists are mainly accountable for administering radiation therapy for the treatment of cancer patients based as per the doctor’s prescription and orders. They work extremely close with the patients ensuring the proper and adequate amounts of medicine administered.

Radiation Oncologist
Radiation Oncologist

How to become a Radiation Oncologist?

Following are the steps required to be followed to become a Radiation Oncologist:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree: The first step in the journey to becoming a radiation oncologist is undergoing a Bachelor’s degree program. The students are required to opt for most subjects related to science, chemistry, and biology as these will enhance one’s knowledge in the basic subjects for the medical degree.
  2. Medical College Admissions Test: During the years at the junior college, one is required to take the (MCAT) Medical College Admissions Test which is the compulsory entrance exam for the entering the medical school after the completion of the Bachelor’s degree. This test is quite difficult and those who can pass this test are eligible for the medical school.
  3. Attend Medical School and Earn the MD or DO Degree: After passing the (MCAT) Medical College Admissions Test, the next step is the completion of a 4-year degree at the medical school. Medical school involves 2 years of classroom study followed by 2 years in a hospital or clinic where students are exposed to the real life situations doctors face on a daily basis.
  4. Undergo a compulsory Residency program: A residency is the professional training program which is to be undertaken in a hospital or clinic that is mandatory before one is eligible to become an oncologist. The total duration of the residency program will depend on the specialized area of oncology one is studying and can last from 2 to 5 years.
  5. Licensing and Certification: After successful completion of medical school and residency program, it is essential to obtain a license in the state of the work. In order to earn the license, one needs to submit the proof of schooling and clear the United States Medical Licensing Examination. After which one can practice as a radiation oncologist.

Radiation Oncologist Salary – How much does a radiation oncologist make?

The average Radiation Oncologist salary is around $78000 annually. The radiation oncologist salary ranges from $60,000 to around $153,000 annually. The salary of radiation oncologists just like the other doctors varies with the location and experience primarily.

Radiation Oncologist Salary (Location wise)

Below is a table depicting the state wise Radiation Oncologist Salaries

State Average Salary
Massachusetts $84,900
New York $84,892
California $80,840
Maryland $80,396
Arizona $72,755
Ohio $72,729
Mississippi $67,374
Illinois $67,252
Arkansas $67,011
Florida $60,659

Radiation Oncologists salaries can be studied in the above table and the variation can be seen in diverse states. States with the high cost of living like New York and California have the highest salaries whereas states like Arkansas and Florida with the low cost of living have least salaries.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do radiation oncologists make good money?

Yes, radiation oncologists make pretty good money as with the increasing times there has been a steady increase in the number of cancer cases, therefore for the effective cancer treatment the need for radiation oncologists has increased.

  • What is the average starting salary for the radiation oncologists?

The starting Radiation Oncologist salary is around $60,000 annually.

  • How much does a radiation oncologist make a year?

A radiation Oncologist makes an average $78000 annually.

  • How long do you have to go to school to be a radiation oncologist?

Around 13 years including 4 years of undergrad school, 4 years of medical school and around 5 years of residency.


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