Psychiatrist Salary Information – How Much Money Does a Psychiatrist Make?


Psychiatrist Salary Information – How Much Money Does a Psychiatrist Make? A psychiatrist is a physician who specializes in dealing issues related to mental health. They hold an expertise with the specific qualification in treating patients with mental disorders like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and many more.

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How to become a Psychiatrist?

To take admission in Psychiatry one must undertake admission in an undergraduate program with subjects like Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry to fulfill the qualification criteria for the medical school entrance qualifier. After the graduate degree, one has to clear MCAT which is a mandatory entrance exam. On the basis of MCAT scores along with the marks of the undergraduate program, students are evaluated and given admission in the desired medical course.

Complete the 4 years to earn a medical degree. After successfully completing the medical degree, students are required to undertake a residency training program. The duration for the residency training program is for a period of 4 years. Students who effectively complete the medical degree along with the residency program can apply for their medical license and certification form the board.

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After obtaining the license, the students are required to undertake the board examination offered by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN). Students can re-appear as many times required to clear the exam. The board certification is mandatory to be renewed after a period of every 10 years. After the formal course and attainment of license, the students are required to continuously enroll in educational programs in order to earn credits which are required by most states to in order to continue practicing.

Psychiatrist Salary – How much does a Psychiatrist Make?

The psychiatrist’s careers are flourishing in today’s time like never before. The need for consulting these behavioral experts has increased drastically in the recent times. Due to increasing hectic lifestyle along with constant work pressure more individuals are found to be falling to become a victim of depression and anxiety and other mental disorders. The need of psychiatrist is on a steady increase in order to control such mental disorders. The average salary of psychiatrists is around $125,570 and $208,000 annually. The minimum salary for the psychiatrist is $71,140 per year. The highest pay can go up to $227,740 per year. The salary of a psychiatrist is affected by multiple factors like experience, location, educational background and many more.

Psychiatrist Salary Information (Locationwise)

Below is a table depicting the state wise salaries of psychiatrists across various states of the USA.

STATE Average Salaries
Arizona $229,740
Oregon $227,190
Wyoming $225,380
Mississippi $224,170
California $191,460
Texas $190,040
New Mexico $99,390
Louisiana $97,320
Utah $83,100
Arkansas $71,140

The states with the highest salaries are Arizona, Oregon, Wyoming and Mississippi. Louisiana, Utah and Arkansas are the states offering the lowest salaries to its psychiatrists. California and Texas offer average salaries. Salaries of psychiatrists are found to be higher in major flourishing states, whereas the ones with lower amenities, in general, offer a low salary to its psychiatrists.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do psychiatrists have to go to medical schools?

Yes, in order to possess a valid degree and license, psychiatrists are required to earn a 4-year medical degree.

  • What is the starting salary of a psychiatrist?

The minimum at which a psychiatrist starts is around $71,570.

  • Are Psychiatrists in high demand?

Yes, due to the increase in work pressure along with hectic lifestyles, the need for psychiatrists is on a constant rise. Research shows the increasing number of people being affected by depression, anxiety and other mental disorders.

  • How many years of school to be a psychiatrist?

8 years, including 4  years of undergraduate program an\long with 4 years of a medical degree.


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