Project Manager Salary Information – How Much Money Does A Project Managers Make?

Project Manager

Project Manager Salary Information – How Much Money Does A Project Managers Make? Who is a Project Manager? – A project manager is an individual who has all the qualities to become a leader. He is responsible to head a team and is accountable for the outcome of either success or the failure of any project. Project managers are required to multitask as they are required to carry out numerous responsibilities at a single time. They possess great time management skills along with excellent organization skills and are the most effective communicators in an organization. Project managers are responsible for delegating duties instead of doing all themselves. They usually work in teams and head all the individuals in a team supervising them closely. However, for any outcome that is not favorable or goes opposite to the planned outcome, the project manager is directly held responsible.

Project Manager
Project Manager

How to become a Project Manager?

To pursue a career by becoming a project manager, one needs minimum required qualifications. However, along with the qualification the prospective project manager is expected to have some in built qualities that will ensure him a successful career.

The individual is expected to be excellent in time and task management as a role of a project manager requires handling complex tasks within the set deadlines. He should be able to juggle between multiple duties comfortably. A project manager should possess great communication skills as the task of the project manager to require communicating various tasks to all team members, therefore he should be efficient in communication.

A project manager should be well prepared to work under pressure with maintaining a rapport with several team members at once. He should be able to guide the work and help his teach achieve goals.

Qualifications required for a Project Manager

Bachelors Degree: To become a project manager, one must earn a minimum of a Bachelors degree in any field. A Bachelors in Business Management is most preferable. Those holding a degree in specific subjects like marketing, engineering or computer science can also attain a career in the field of their specialization.

Masters Degree: Though it is not mandatory, individuals with a masters degree are given much preference and it helps them accelerate their career in the future.

Certification: In order to practice in reputed organizations, one must possess a valid certificate of working as a Project Manager. The certificate can be obtained by meeting required educational qualifications along with passing the written exam.

Project Manager Salary- How much does a Project Manager make?

The average Project Manager salary is around $66,178 annually. The salaries usually start at around $30,000 and they can go up to around $110,000. There are a number of factors influencing the Project Manager salaries like experience, the area of practice and the demand for the particular job. Higher demand means a high pay whereas areas where the demand is low, the salaries are also pretty low comparatively. The overall cost of living influences the salaries directly. The high cost of living leads to higher Production Managers salaries. With the increase in experience, the pay also increases. A new entrant will earn quite a basic pay whereas the much-experienced professionals are bound to earn a much higher amount based on their years of practice.

Project Manager Salary Information (Location wise)

Below is a table depicting the state wise Project Manager Salaries across America

Washington $78,991
District of Columbia $75,846.2
North Carolina $73,094.2
New Jersey $71,684.8
Pennsylvania $66,797
Texas $66,450
Michigan $66,066
Massachusetts $59,825.5
Tennessee $57,285
Florida $54,858

The above table shows the contrasting Project Manager salaries in various states. Washington, District of Columbia, North Carolina and New Jersey show the highest salaries whereas Michigan, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Florida have the lowest pay for Project Managers. The demand of project managers is a major factor in determining the project manager salaries in these states.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the average starting salary for a project manager?

The median annual Project Manager I salary is $71,719, as of May 30, 2018.

  • What kind of degree do you need to be a project manager?

To become a Project Manager, one should have a bachelor’s degree in business management. However, the bachelor’s degree in a specific area, such as marketingengineering or computer science also works.

  • What is the job of a project manager?

The job of a Project Manager includes planning, budget, oversee and document all aspects of the specific project

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