Pharmacist Salary Information – How Much Does A Pharmacist Make?


Pharmacist Salary Information – How much does a pharmacist make? Pharmacists are healthcare professionals who deal in the distribution of drugs prescribed by doctors. Along with the prescribed drugs, they give out the information to the individuals regarding the dosage, and probable side effects of the medication. Pharmacists also monitor the health progress of the patient and ensure the patients are taking the prescribed doses as per the doctor’s prescription.

Most pharmacists work in retail drug stores or in healthcare units such as hospitals where pharmacy shops are mandatory.


How to become a Pharmacist?

There are two procedures to become a pharmacist. The first option involves attaining an undergraduate degree before moving ahead with the graduate degree program. The second option involves a combined coursework into a single study program. Both the study programs require to clear a Pharmacy College Admission Test for admission. The programs are as follows:

Undergraduate + Graduate

Before taking on a graduate degree, there are 2 and 4-year programs available out of which the student has to decide on which he is interested in pursuing. The 4-year degrees involves a general composition of the subjects whereas the 2-year programs are more specific on focused on the relevant fields. Students are required to consider opting for the general with organic chemistry, human anatomy, physiology, molecular, cellular biology, microbiology, statistics, calculus and English. After the successful completion of the program, students are required to apply for a 4-year pharmacy doctoral program.

Combined Graduate program

The combined graduate is the most common programs and can be completed in a shorter duration of time. It can be completed in 6-7 year period awarding both the bachelors and doctors of pharmacy degree on graduation. This program is generally preferred by those students who are highly goal oriented and would like to complete the degree in a shorter span of time.

After clearing the degree, the students are required to check with various state boards for the licensure requirements. The most state requires the following components:

  • Graduation degree from the Doctoral Program accredited by Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education.
  • Clearing the licensing program for pharmacists in three parts: the North American Pharmacist Licensing Exam, the Multi-State Pharmacy Jurisprudence Exam, and the Written and Practical exam.

After the certification, they are required to pass all the exams mandatory by the licensing jurisdiction, such as the NAPLEX and MJPE, and meet the requirements for practical experience.

Pharmacists who wish to specialize in a field are required to complete a residency program for 1-2 years. The pharmacists are required to undertake regular training in order to retain their license.

Pharmacist Salary – How much does a Pharmacist make?

The Pharmacists salary is one of the highest among all the healthcare professionals. According to the research, an average pharmacist makes around $120,270 annually. The highest pharmacist salaries go more than $157,950 which is quite high an amount for most fields. The lowest pharmacists earn around $87,120.

Pharmacist Salary Information (Location Wise)

California $148,000
Nevada $132,000
Alaska $130,300
Kentucky $129,300
Maine $129,100
South Dakota $115,400
Lowa $115,500
Nebraska $115,700
Pennsylvania $116,300
Rhode Island $116,500

Pharmacist salary in the western region of the United is the most, while the ones in the northeastern region earn the least amount. Salaries are usually high due to the high cost of living like California has an extremely high cost of living and the salaries are the maximum in the region.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How much does Walgreens Pharmacist make a year?

The average salary at Walgreens pharmacist is $18,380 for a pharmacy clerk and $132,058 annually for a pharmacy manager.

  • What is the starting salary of Pharmacists at CV?

The average pay for the pharmacists at CVs is $116,812 annually. The salary does not generally increase much with experience. Most experienced pharmacists earn only a little more than the average pay.

  • How long does it take to get a degree in Pharmacy?

8 years including the undergraduate program or else 6-7 years for a combined degree program.

  • Is pharmacist a medical doctor?

No, pharmacists are not medical doctors.

  • How much is Pharmacists salary?

A pharmacists average salary is around $120,270 annually.

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