Neurosurgeon Salary Information – How Much Money Does A Neurosurgeon Make?


Neurosurgeon Salary Information- How much money does a Neurosurgeon make? Who is a Neurosurgeon? – neurosurgeon is a physician who holds a specialization in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders in the nervous system, which include the brain, the spine along with the spinal cord also the peripheral nerves. Neurosurgeons specialize in providing non-operative and surgical treatment for patients of all age groups.


How to become a Neurosurgeon?

To become a neurosurgeon, a student is required to complete a pre-medical degree with a high-grade point average as most medical schools are extremely competitive and a higher grade is definitely helpful. Students are advised to volunteer on a regular basis at hospitals and clinics in their area to gain prior experience which is quite beneficial for them in the future.

The next step is to start applying to medical schools and most of the medical schools require an entrance test for the admission. Along with the entrance exam, the grades in the pre-medical degree, volunteer activities play an important role.

Students have to complete the four-year doctoral degree from an accredited medical college. The electives should be chosen based on neurology. The clinical rotations should be conducted in neurological or surgical settings.

The students are required to undertake a residency program in neurological surgery which is of a total time span of 6 years. After passing the board exams, the student is a certified neurosurgeon.  Each state has separate licensing norms which the students are require completing in order to practice effectively.

Neurosurgeon Salary – How Much Does A Neurosurgeon Make?

The average annual neurosurgeon salary is $579,000, as per the latest conducted survey. The minimum neurosurgeon salary is around $436,000. The maximum salary a neurosurgeon can earn can go up to $733,000.  However, the salary of different neurosurgeons can vary on multiple factors like experience and location. The more experience means a higher salary and the salary can also vary depending on the location of practice.

Neurosurgeon Salary Information (Location wise)

Following is the table depicting the salaries across different states of USA.

State Average Salary
California $655,368
Alaska $659,459
Oregon $612,179
New York $688,796
Nevada $605,760
South Dakota $504,800
Aransas $529,894
Montana $505,967
Mississippi $519,319
West Virginia $532,228

States with the high cost of living like California, Alaska, Oregon and New York have the highest neurosurgeon salaries. States like Montana, Mississippi and South Dakota have shown the least neurosurgeon salaries. Experience is a prime factor affecting the salaries. Salaries increase with the increase in experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How much do neurosurgeons make in a year?

The average neurosurgeon salary is around $579,000 per year.

  • How long does it take to become a brain surgeon?

A minimum of 14 years including 4 years at an undergrad school, another 4 years of medical school and 6 years of the residency program. 

  • How much does it cost to go to a college to become a neurosurgeon?

The annual fee of the undergraduate degree is around $11,814 or less. For the medical degree, the in-state students are required to pay an annual fee of $9,410 and around $23,890 for the out of state students.

  • How many hours a day do neurosurgeons work?

A neurosurgeon works around 10-12 hours a day.

  • What is the average neurosurgeon salary?

The average neurosurgeon salary is around $579,000 per year.

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