Network Engineer Salary Information – How Much Money Does a Network Engineer Make?

Network Engineer

Network Engineer Salary Information – How Much Money Does a Network Engineer Make? Who is a Network Engineer? – A network engineer is a technology expert who possesses the required skills to carry out effective planning, implementation and governing the computer networks that support in-house voice, data, video and all the wireless network services.

Network Engineer
Network Engineer

The main task of a Network engineer is focusing on delivering high-availability of network infrastructure to assist in online information technology activities of individuals. Network engineers often cater to the roles of other experts in the organizations like computer network architects and security systems engineers along with working internally within the organization or consultants.

How to become a Network Engineer?

Individuals are required to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in the field of computers like programming, IT, computer science, or related fields. Most employers prefer MBA graduates over only a graduate degree holder preferably an MBA degree holder in information systems. A previous experience of working in the field of IT or systems administration is also given a preference. The experience can be of working at any lower designations in the IT field than the network engineer. The whole idea of giving preference to an experienced is to ensure adequate knowledge about the working of the field.

Desired Skills Required to become a Network Engineer

  • Analytical Skills: Strong analytical skills are a must as network engineers are required to work on complicated work structures.
  • A keen eye for Detail: Due to working in creating complex blueprints for networks, network engineers are required to look closely into the details.
  • Organizational Skills: Network engineers require working for multiple projects at a time wherein organizational skills play a major role.
  • Teamwork: Since the task of a network engineer is to work alongside a team, it is essentially a network engineer can work effectively in a team.

Network Engineer Salary- How much does a Network Engineer Make?

An average Network Engineer Salary is around $70,147 annually. Network Engineers are one of the sought after professionals in the States earning fairly well for the services provides. The starting pay for a network engineer is around $50,000 annually. In the field like network engineering, experience plays a significant role in the hike in the pay rates. It can up to around $140,000 for the experienced professionals.

Network Engineer Salary Information (Location Wise)

Below is a table depicting the Network Engineer Salaries across the 10 states of America:

State Average Salary
New York $122,141
Illinois $76,263
Washington $83,018
California $99,295
Alabama $63,512
Florida $69,064
Texas $78,810
New Jersey $76,513
Georgia $78,077

The above table shows the contrasting Network Engineer Salaries of 10 states in America. New York Washington and California have recorded the maximum salaries. The reason for the high Network Engineer salaries in some region than the others is owing to the high cost of living in the area. Experience is also a prime reason for the increase in salaries across various states. States like Florida and New Jersey have reportedly recorded lower salaries comparatively.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How much does a network engineer make an hour?

The average money a Network Engineer makes in an hour is $15-20 in the United States. The salaries vary from location to location which we have shared above in detail.

  • What degree to be a network engineer?

The network engineers typically need a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

  • How much do entry level network engineers make?

The average pay for an Entry-Level Network Engineer is $60,688 per year.

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