Flight Nurse Salary Information – How much does a Flight Nurse Make?

Flight Nurse

Flight Nurse Salary Information – How much does a Flight Nurse Make? Who is a Flight Nurse? – A flight nurse also commonly known as a transport nurse is a Registered Nurse who is trained for the specific purpose of providing medical assistance to patients during the transportation of aircraft the duty of a flight nurse is to provide aid with a team of physicians, flight medics along with other medical providers by boarding helicopters and rescuing flights to injured or serious patients in a situation of emergency. The prime duty of these nurses is to ensure adequate required care to patients to keep them in a stable condition till the aircraft lands to attain the proper healthcare amenities. Flight nurses are trained to work in both the military and civilian atmospheres.

Civilian flight nurses may be employed through medical centers like hospitals, nursing homes and trauma centers. However, many flight nurses are hired by the search and rescue organizations, fire department or medical evacuation firms working independently.

Flight Nurse
Flight Nurse

Military flight nurses are required to work in almost all the branches in the United States military, combining the reserves. The military nurses are required to spend their time on duty in military bases overseas except during the times of a domestic medical emergency.

How to become a Flight Nurse

In addition to the qualifications required, one must possess strong compassion, ability to work in stressful environments, the capability of remaining calm and handling complex situations at ease. To become a Flight nurse, one needs to undertake the mandatory educational qualifications:

  • Maintain a decent grade in High School: The high school grades are evaluated for becoming a Registered Nurse, therefore students should decide in advance and select subjects like physics, Chemistry and Biology in their High school.
  • Earn an Associate Degree in Nursing: In some states, to become a registered nurse, associate level of the college degree is sufficient which can be completed in two years. During the course, students are taught the core along with giving them the access to practice in hospitals to get hands on experience.
  • Bachelors Degree in Nursing: A Bachelors Degree in Nursing is the most widely accepted degree and is completed in 4 years. In the Bachelors degree program, students are taught an extensive curriculum along with working as volunteers at hospitals and other local medical facilities. The degree provides a supervised training along with a detailed study plan.
  • State License as a Registered Nurse: After earning he required degrees, students are required to pass the examination conducted by the National Council of State Board of Nursing (NCSBN) for practicing in the preferred state.
  • Obtaining Field Experience: After the nurses are licensed, they are required to gain maximum experience by working in the medical field. Experience is extremely mandatory as this exposes the individuals to the hectic, fast paced work culture of this field. Flight nurses are expected to be calm a poised at all times when carrying out their tasks.
  • Obtaining Certifications: Once the nurses begin practicing, they are expected to regularly pass the certification exams and training periods. This is mandatory as well as helps them to move ahead in their career path.

Flight Nurse Salary – How much does a Flight Nurse Make?

The average annual Flight Nurse salary in the United States is around $76,000 annually. The salary ranges from $60,000 and goes up to $98,000 based on factors such as geographic location, experience, etc.

Flight Nurse Salary Information (Location wise)

The table below shows the salary across the 10 states in America.

Massachusetts $82,724
New York $82,667
California $78,358
Maryland $78,335
Nevada $76,000
Connecticut $75,951
Mississippi $65,646
Illinois $65,528
Arkansas $65,293
Florida $59,104

The above table depicts the contrasting salaries across the numerous states in America. States like Massachusetts, New York, California and Maryland have the highest Flight Nurse Salaries where as Mississippi, Illinois, Arkansas and Florida have the lowest salaries. The salaries vary as per the demand and experience of individuals. States with the high cost of living and high demand have the most salaries where the cost of living is low, the salaries are less comparatively.

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