Clinical Research Associate Salary Information – How Much Does A Clinical Research Associate Make?

Clinical Research Associate

Clinical Research Associate Salary Information – How Much Does A Clinical Research Associate Make? Who is Clinical Research Associate? – A clinical research associate is an expert who is responsible for running clinical trials in order to test drugs checking for their effectiveness, benefits along with probable harms that could be caused in order to ensure their safety allowing them in the market. The clinical research is required to work on new and existing drugs and is mostly employed in a pharmaceutical company or in a contract research organization which is those companies that work on behalf of the pharmaceutical companies.

Clinical Research Associate
Clinical Research Associate

The responsibilities of a Clinical Research Associate are as follows:

  • Formulating and writing down trial protocols
  • Presentation of the trial protocols before a steering committee;
  • Designing and making data collection forms also known as case report forms.
  • Maintaining a close coordination with the ethics committee who is responsible for safeguarding the well-being and safety of all the trial subjects.
  • Identification and assessment of the facilities according to their suitability at the clinical trial sites.
  • Choosing the right investigator who is responsible for conducting the trials at the trial site.
  • Looking into the essential components required when testing the new and old drugs.

How To Become A Clinical Research Associate?

Following are the steps to become a Clinical Research Associate:

  • Earn a high school diploma and gain experience: To start with the basic level as mostly the support level Clinical Associate, one can start after the completion of the high school diploma. They require a minimum experience to start and candidates can generally start as working under senior Clinical research associates.
  • Associate degree Program: Students who wish to become a Clinical Research Associate can become by undergoing a 2 year Associate degree program. The program is designed to impart knowledge to students specifically required for jobs. This program can be completed in a lesser time than the Graduation degree and is a stepping stone in the professional world.
  • Bachelors Degree: A 4- year Bachelors degree in a health related field can be undertaken to study the curriculum in detail. Students must hold a degree in Clinical Research in order to be eligible for certification.
  • Certification: After the graduation degree program, students are eligible to undertake examinations to be certified as Clinical Research Associates. The certification requirements for different states are different and almost all states conduct an examination and consider the scores of graduation level.
  • Masters Degree: A Masters Degree is usually done by working professionals to upgrade their career and hold an expertise in any field.

Clinical Research Salary – How Much Does A Clinical Research Associate Make?

The average Clinical Research Associates salary is around $100,000. The clinical research associates who are just starting in their careers earn around $40,000 and it can go up to $197,000 annually based on experience and location of practice. The salary usually increases with the increase in experience and also is affected greatly by the location it is practiced in. States with a high demand of such experts offer a high salary whereas in states where the demand is low, the pay can comparatively be less.

Clinical Research Salary Information (Location wise)

Below is a table depicting the Clinical Research Associates salaries across the diverse states in America.

Delaware $197,980
New Jersey $188,380
Massachusetts $177,000
New York $150,020
Hawaii $111,000
Georgia $111,630
Idaho $91,060
South Carolina $88,290
Indiana $62,470
Arkansas $91,330

The table shows the contrasting Clinical Research Associate salaries across various states in America. States of Delaware, New Jersey, Massachusetts and New York have the highest salaries. Arkansas, South Carolina and Indiana show the least salaries.

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