Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary Information – How Much Money Does a Cardiothoracic Surgeon Make?

Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary Information – How Much Money Does a Cardiothoracic Surgeon Make? Who is a Cardiothoracic Surgeon? – A cardiothoracic surgeon is a doctor who holds a specialization degree to carry out surgical operations in the thorax cavity that include the lungs, heart and esophagus along with other organs. Cardiovascular surgeons, cardiac surgeons, congenital heart surgeons along with general thoracic surgeons all come under cardiothoracic surgeons.

Cardiothoracic surgeons specialize in the treatment of Coronary artery diseases. Cardiothoracic surgeons are specialists in treating blocked arteries, leaking heart valves, heart valve blockages, heart failures, and abnormal enlargement occurring in the arteries in the chest.

Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Cardiothoracic Surgeon

A general thoracic surgeon can carry out the effective treatments of lung cancer, esophageal cancer, hiatal hernias and a host of other related diseases. A congenital heart surgeon can effectively treat any atrial septal defects, coarctation in the aorta, hypoplastic left or right heart syndrome and transposition of the arteries.

How to become a Cardiothoracic Surgeon?

Becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon is one of the most time-consuming processes. To become a successful cardiothoracic surgeon, one must undergo the following steps:

  • Earn a Graduate Degree: The first step in becoming a Cardiothoracic surgeon is undergoing a graduation degree programs. The grades of the graduation degree have a great impact in the next step to entering the medical school. Students are required to specialize in the Science subjects in their 4-year graduation term.
  • Attend a Medical School: The next step is to pass an entrance exam to a medical school where the entrance scores along with the graduation marks are evaluated and then the admission is given. The medical school degree program is completed in a minimum of 4 years.
  • Residency Program: After the completion of the coursework, students are required to undergo a 5- year residency program where they are exposed to the actual workings in clinics and hospitals.
  • Certification: All surgeons are required to be certified by the American Board of Medical Specialist before heading further for the practice.
  • Earn a State Licensure: Surgeons are required to pass the state medical examination in order to achieve the state license to allow them to practice in that particular region.

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary – How much does a Cardiothoracic Surgeon Make?

Cardiothoracic surgeon salaries are among the highest in their work field. These surgeons are one of the top paid medical surgeons in the USA. The need for the cardiothoracic surgeons is on a constant rise. The average cardiothoracic surgeon salary is around $252,910 annually. A cardiothoracic surgeon who is just starting out in his career can expect to make around $104,680 annually. The pay increases with experience and can go up to $290,000 annually or even more.

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Salary Information (Locationwise)

Below is the table depicting the average cardiothoracic surgeon salaries across the different states of America:

New Jersey $286,710
Nebraska $285,610
Minnesota $285,060
Rhode Island $284,010
Florida $255,010
Washington $251,560
Missouri $220,190
North Dakota $212,770
Pennsylvania $206,170
District of Columbia $176,880

The above table shows the contrasting salaries across the 10 states of America. States like New Jersey, Nebraska, Minnesota and Rhode Island are the highest earning states owing to the high demand of cardiothoracic surgeons. The salaries also increase due to the high cost of living in these states. Missouri, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and District of Columbia earn the lowest salaries in comparison to the other states.

The salaries of a cardiothoracic surgeon are generally high when in comparison to the other healthcare professionals. However, in places where there is low population, the demand is automatically reduced hence the salaries are lower than the others. Demand and experience are the prime factors for an increase in salaries.

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